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Monday, December 17, 2007

Wednesday Night


There was drama, oh yes!!
What should have been an easy evening was like sitting in a three leg chair. The tension was being poured out one & a half at a time and I don't know why.

Friends on edge, lovers ignoring each other, and strangers perched like vultures waiting to prey on either. This was one of those nights I'm glad I had that "invisible" quality.

A tiny, green frog jumped from a bar tap and landed on my shoulder. "What's up with these people tonight?" he said.

"Hell if I know...Full moon maybe?" I replied.

The frog laughed. "I don't come out on full moons...I know a cool little place up the road. Wanna go?"

"Sure, lets get outta of this amateur night."

I grabbed my smokes, finished my beer and headed towards the door. As I watched the frog hop out the entrance he stopped and saw me looking at him puzzled.

"What?" said the frog. I smiled,
"How little is this place?"

We laughed and went on our way...

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