Truth is Truth

Whever it is found
Whoever is sharing it

Wednesday, December 26, 2007




I don’t believe in it. Not to say that I don’t believe that living things evolve.
But, if there was such a thing it stopped the day we learned how to speak.

The main thing we use language for is to get someone to do, or get, something for us that we could do ourselves. We use it to hurt and belittle more than to help and support. And then this religion thing raises its ugly head. Killing people in the name of one’s GOD. What a weak GOD that must be not able to handle that part Himself.

And lying…. How quickly a baby learns to cry to get what they want although not in pain. Rewarded, the crying turns to words and lies, as the grow, embedded in their vocabulary as a means of getting others to do or get something they could get for themselves.

If we just could have kept our mouths shut a few more millennia. Spoke from the heart with our eyes, like the wolf, maybe we’d have something to say worth hearing.

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