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Friday, December 7, 2007

the goofy loser fuck that shot up the mall


i can see it now...another bunch of stupid unpopular kids watching what a big deal the media is making over this piece of shit that shot up the mall in nebraska. you don't think they want a piece of that action? hell yeah! because what is going on in their lives? just like the useless fuck that did the shooting they are approaching adulthood and the responsibilities that they didn't have before are practically crashing down on them now! job/rent/bills/gas a date these days costs 50 dollars minimum! what to do? what to do? hey! let's shoot up a mall or train station or a mcdonalds. that way you get all the attention that other kid got & you can be a star too. this country is based on this shit...cowboys & indians - good guys & bad guys shooting it out in the rootin tootin wild west! it's all media hype! bullshit! just today every media outlet in the world are releasing new surveillance pics of this dumb ass walking thru the mall shooting at his human targets - here he is by the mannequin about to shoot up billy & suzy & brad! and we all gape at this shit and shake our heads saying inside...i'm just glad it wasn't me hehehe but i'll look @ all the pictures because i'm such a loser boring fuck that all i can do to derive pleasure is to slow down and look at the poor bleeding accident victim....ah, poor guy (glad it's not me) ok, time to speed up again! the media creates these little useless fucks! and WE eat it up. it's supply and's feeding the christians to the lions! YEAH! that's why the 5 o'clock news never has good news anymore, that's known as fluff...who wants fluff? i just noticed where one of these pedophile hot teachers was banned from capitalizing on anything that has to do w/ her case for her entire 8 yr probationary period. that means no movie of the book sexy interviews where all the sexual positions are discussed in some porn mag. and you know what? when it's over and she's done w/ her 8 yr probation, nobodies really going to care about her sexy crime anymore because the entire passionate situation has been diffused! it's rendered a non story! so this dickhead who shot up the mall...when he was watching the other fuck who was shooting up dairy queen or the greyhound bus terminal and getting all the star treatment...if THAT guy was simply referred to as the gunman w/ no pictures & no in depth expose about his stupid lonely past, maybe this nebraska mall shooter would have just turned off the tv & found some other way of being famous. but the media is always there to remind us, that there is can be a serial killer or highway sniper or a terrorist who blows up buildings full of people instead. who wants to be famous finding a cure for aids or cancer? that takes too much work.

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