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Monday, August 27, 2007

So they say it’s my birthday....

Original Posting on August 27, 2007

I sit here tonight needing to be asleep and having only a few hours before class starts. I sit here very humble and appreciative. And I am content. And I feel accomplished.

Ahhh stem cells…. it's what's for dinner.
It was three years ago today in a hospital room at Northside in Atlanta. For me it was the beginning of a new beginning. Oddly enough, I have seen no less than a half of a dozen celebrities (or names of newsmakers) fall to leukemia since that August day in 2004. So why am I so fortunate? Fill in your own thoughts for that one my friends.

The one-year mark was monumental and two years meant nothing but positive things. Now at three years, I feel that this ever-so-slow exhaling of relief can probably be completed. Oh perhaps it is not absolute, but there are no absolutes with anything, is there? Tomorrow is never promised, but I am sure that you have heard that one before. So yeah, I was told that with the passing of these 1,100 days, I would pretty much no longer be required to be seen or drilled on a year-to-year basis. My lower back thanks them.

So, today was a huge today. Today was a milestone. And I did thank many people. I received some e-mails, some phone calls, some text messages, and saw some people in person. And I wanted to thank everyone again.

I thought about it tonight and I realize that I kinda just blew it off like it was not a big deal. Actually, it was and it is. And reflecting on the weekend, there are people that wished me a "congrats" that I would never have considered to remember (or even know about) August 26th. And that is where the "humble and appreciative" part comes in.

"no man is a failure who has friends"

Thank You

Just a three-year old in Atlanta