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Saturday, December 29, 2007

so they left her on the tarmac!


what was THAT situation like?

A couple of days ago I saw the story of the poor lady (whose arms did not seem to be broken mind you) that was left on the tarmac by the airport employees as everyone else boarded above and the rest of the luggage was loaded.

So, the plane takes off and there she is sitting on the tarmac....
Personally, I think that I would rather enjoy the vantage point of seeing a plane take off from there. I mean who gets to see that in their life time?

Anyways, the daughter was pissed and Headline News decided that it was news worthy. Talk about a fluff piece. So what was the result? They put the lady (whose arms still don't seem to be broken) onto a later flight.

I am sure that this time they were sure to push this rather vibrant looking woman (whose arms really seem to be in working order) up to the plane to make sure she boarded this time fo sho!

Ha Ha Holidays

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