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Friday, December 28, 2007

Michael Vick’s “house” here in Virginia



I am visiting the homestead over the holiday season and I am within an hour of where Michael grew up. I am about an hour from where the notorious house is that he bought for the cousins and friends and the dog torturing took place.

Apparently, the house sold as soon as the story broke by some wealthy man who was basically speculating that the house would sell for a ton when the story finally played out.

He bought it for like 250K or something the week that the story broke.

This past month he tried to sell it at auction and wanted no less than 750K.
The best offer was less than 500K so he didn't sell it.

All of this is quite depressing and sick in many ways.
And here is that creepiest part about this man trying to sell what he thought would be a "novelty" to potential buyers: he left ALL of the dog houses and cages and other constructions up and out for display. WTF?!?

This guy actually thought that the idea of dog fighting and the novelty of the Michael Vick case would be appealing to buyers. He is a sick twist....

So now he admits that maybe he needs to try to remove all of the remembrances and clean the place up of all torturing and then try to sell it again.

What a tool…

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