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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"just studying for a test officer"

So if you ever have the occasion to be on stake-out just as the sun rises and it becomes clear that your beat up old Honda Prelude does not really belong in a gated community, you had better have an excuse when the police car pulls up beside you.

Luckily for me, I am pretty quick on my feet…even when sitting in my car watching for a suspected fraudulent “Workman’s Comp” subject to leave his house.  I had been there for two hours.  I had little sleep, an empty belly save a pack of Pecan Swirls and an emptied cup of coffee that was beginning to tickle my bladder.  My best friend, and the owner of this private investigation firm, was not due to relieve me for another hour.  Unfortunately, I had made the mistake of being rather antsy in re-positioning my car one time too many.  Have I ever told you about my 7 Lettered Diagnosis?
I did not even see the officer’s car until it was pulling right up beside me.  We exchanged pleasantries and when he asked what I was doing parked here I had already managed to slyly reach for my Spanish text book.  On cue, I was able to lift it up as I explained I was just waiting on my friend to get off of work and meet me to look at this neighborhood as he was looking to buy a new condo.  I followed up with a wave of my textbook and saying that I was studying my Spanish Preterites.  I was very proud in that moment considering how especially poor I was doing in Spanish at the time.  I am rather lucky he did not want to know what a Preterite was because I would have been dead to rights.  All around pride for me!

This was very quick thinking because indeed there was still much construction going on in this community and that is why the gate was left open for me to drive in.  Perfectly plausible.  My partner really was getting off work to take over the case so I wasn’t really lying to the officer.  Apparently that is something that is frowned upon.  At any rate, one of the first rules as an investigator is to NOT let anyone know that you are on a case if you can help it or else your cover is blown.  No matter if it is the police or not.  I am fortunate that he simply asked me to wait at the corner gas station and did not press for more information.  Otherwise, I would have had to come clean and then I would have missed my return trip for this case where I got to wear a hidden camera on my jacket. Fun!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just why would my mother kiss that man?

Recently on a certain friend's status update on a social site, he had solicited responses about the moral ramifications of the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

After looking over some of the responses, I was simply destroyed to see someone claim that Mommy was really just kissing her husband and that the beloved Santa Claus was simply the father dressed up.  I had to respond to the girl name Katie that made such an outlandish proclamation.  So, after I pulled myself together and gathered the strength:

"I spent most of last night crying, thank you.  I called Mom and later I even called Dad.  They called me back again and again.  We spoke more today than in a long time. I am strong enough now to write about this...

They both have assured me that this "Katie" person is a liar...a LIAR!!! There are mean people in this world that just want to confuse or hurt people.  My parents divorced decades ago and they both love me and I get two Christmases every year.  I knew Daddy was in no way Santa Claus and I don't know why little girls like Katie have to say such things to kids like me. 

Besides, my parents lived in two different states and if Daddy was Santa Clause then how could he get to my house with Mommy so quick and then back to his?

He COULDN'T Mean Katie! That is the point!

Well, unless suddenly Daddy had a magical sleigh or someth--- 

I have to go call Mommy back. My head hurts.

In hindsight, I realize that I was drunk and possibly under the influence of more than just alcohol when writing that bit of scathing retort. 

The question originally raised is valid.  Despite the innocent and playfulness behind that song, I wonder if that songwriter was scarred for the remainder of his days with the knowledge that his mother would actually cheat with an older man that was loaded with gifts.  It is not surprising though as I see some ladies behave this way often.  But a fat stalker that has a naughty obsession?  Disturbing to some degree. But in fact, I have met enough MILF's in the past few years to lead me to make some changes.

I have been gaining weight and put together the white beard.
Now when I find the red suit. I will be in business.

Of course, I have had a few drinks tonight and yes, I AM petting my reindeer right now.
Why would you ask?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 13

October 13, 2003: diagnosed. October 13, 2004: released. They like to say that "Everything Happens for a Reason." I generally disagree. Our self-important lives are merely a blink of a cosmic eye. God has nothing invested in the events that happen to you but only in your character in handling the things that inevitably will happen. 3,000 deaths to a tsunami is no more or less important than one person surviving cancer. Everything happens for a reason? No, I believe that God continues to allow EVERYTHING to happen randomly and He assesses us based on the Reason that WE each decide to extract from our individual random challenges and unique life-long journeys. "There is neither good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - Shakespeare.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Think about it this way...

You got your hand to play; they got their hand to play.  Perhaps you got a crappy hand with only a nine high.  It isn't their fault if they were dealt a straight flush.  Also, it really has NOTHING to do with you in regards to what they were dealt.  Don't ask government to make it fair or suggest others apparently give back some of their high cards.  Jealousy is ugly. 

Maybe Someone or Something (bigger than all of us) WANTS you to play your hand just the way it was dealt for better rewards.  We each have our own journey and lessons to take away from our time on Earth.  Don't blame others and ask the government to take from others.  Learn to play your hand. Bluff!  Be shrewd!  Earn your victory!  Don't ask those that have the power to help you cheat.  What your endgame or payout might be is between you and your God.  What others HAVE may not seem fair.  What you DO NOT HAVE may not seem like what you deserve....but friend, deserve ain't got nothing to do with it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Blog Overload & DJ gig at a bar

Okay here we go...
Today is the day that errbody is supposed to really get down to checking out each other's blogs.  Lookit, I can only read so much.  So the pressure is on, just as it is with me, not to suck.  But that is the thing.  You  are not writing for me.  You are writing for you.  Yes, you are wanting tons of followers so you feel the pressure to connect on some level but at the end of the day, you are writing for you.
Love it.
Embrace it.
Be it.

Let us drink up each other's blog action and throw kudos and atta boys whenever we can!

So back to me...cuz ya know, that is what it is all about!

Four questions into my fill in trivia gig the other night, the owner of the bar asked me to be the permanent host and kick their other host to the curb.  Yep, I am that good.  But it really isn't fair.  Having a history on the mic and in radio is an unfair advantage if one were to compare.  I am not that good, I am just more polished I guess.  Anyway, I needed the extra cash so that is sweet.  However, the conundrum is that they want me to stick around and actually dj the bar for the for the rest of the night.  Never to turn down the doh ray me, I said that I would.  But I have never really officially done dj duties before.  Yes playing a playlist is one thing, but I haven't full-fledged put together the music for a bar for an extended eve... Hell, I am not even sure I know what to do.  You want me to get on stage and emcee something or do a live broadcast on the radio from some business, sure I can do it.  But mixin and mashin, not so much.  Anyways, I have a friend who is gonna give me some pointers.

Now anyone that wants to help me with a playlist for this weekend... Please sound off!