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Sunday, December 30, 2007

things i’ve noticed about california


anything that is new always seems foreign and unfamiliar...that's what's so cool about moving to another place, you walk out the door and you don't know where you are! ha but the more you do & the more places you go...and it all starts to come together. it's all about discovery & where you are going that makes these unfamiliar baby steps seem so dreamy & unreal. being in california (this is my 3rd time out here) seems oddly different than the other times i was here. like you're looking at it from different angles... but after about 3 wks of fully getting into the whole california vibe i'll have to say that a couple things are pretty noticeable. the 1st thing that i "noticed" is the driving out's funny but the drivers out here aren't really in a hurry like they are on the east coast...jesus! driving thru atlanta is like being raped! you miss an exit and you have to drive 50 miles before you can correct yourself & you're making split sec decisions at 80 mph!'s like when you watch ants...ants walking in a nice orderly line! some carrying little sand granules...but keeping the pace in a very timely fashion....i swear to god, i get in the left lane on any highway out here and i'm at a steady 70/80 and not even blinking...everybody else stays in the middle or right lanes and drive an orderly 55 to 65 maybe. simple enough huh? except that you must 1st get onto the freeway & i swear to god...nobody is going to let your fucking ass in! i don't care if you beg! i close my eyes & i can see the stern faces! old asian ladies is what i see! holding onto their 9/5 space occupied by their automobile! but being an overly aggressive driver that i's usually not even mentioning as a problem. i think that californians are doing more important shit than stressing over getting from point a to point b in x amount of time...they just don't give a shit (which is funny) and i think that it's because 1/2 the people out here are on something...mood altering drugs maybe...anti depressants maybe? i don't know...i see friendly faces & wide open spaces! hhahahaha maybe it's just me or maybe wishful thinking...that next to arnold i'm the other fastest thinking guy out here! can it be?'s something else i noticed...and i don't want you to think that i'm being stereotypically racial or anything...but one thing that i REALLY noticed is asian or indian or mexican people out here DON'T have an accent! look man, being 1/2 japanese myself, i'm used to seeing my mom struggling w/ the english language my whole life...out here especially older asian people speak like....(and don't take this the wrong way) but they speak like your typical white guy! it's funny! we were in this sushi place & this older japanese guy was preparing some noodles for us & i asked a question...and expected this broken english response...he speaks up & almost sounds like he's from brooklyn! jesus! me & jazz cracked up! ok & another thing....there's no fat people out here! back in ga, it was like every 3rd person you saw was morbidly obese (300 pounders) everywhere! riding around in their motorized chairs... out here, people are fit! and gorgeous! not pamela anderson bleached blonde types...more like fit individuals who realize that they have one life & being a non functioning blob isn't an option ... people aren't quick to enable that kind of behavior out here. living in the japantown area of san jose is really cool's really diverse here w/ many different ethnicities & cultures...and the food is fabulous! the ethiopian gives me the willies but every thing else is quite yummy...i DO miss the new peking buffet on wash rd though...nothing like americanized greasy msg ridden chinese food! not the real deal chinese food that you get out here!!!

ahahaha just a few observations from a new california resident!

i love it out here ! & i'm going to end this quickly because my comp is about to lock up again!won't be posting any new videos on myspace...apparently the music i used behind a new video i just made violated the myspace copyright infringement rules & they've banned me from uploading any of my vids...oh well, jazz'll do it i guess...that's what i get for lifting a song off the last temptation of christ soundtrack! oh well.

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