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Saturday, September 18, 2010

"just studying for a test officer"

So if you ever have the occasion to be on stake-out just as the sun rises and it becomes clear that your beat up old Honda Prelude does not really belong in a gated community, you had better have an excuse when the police car pulls up beside you.

Luckily for me, I am pretty quick on my feet…even when sitting in my car watching for a suspected fraudulent “Workman’s Comp” subject to leave his house.  I had been there for two hours.  I had little sleep, an empty belly save a pack of Pecan Swirls and an emptied cup of coffee that was beginning to tickle my bladder.  My best friend, and the owner of this private investigation firm, was not due to relieve me for another hour.  Unfortunately, I had made the mistake of being rather antsy in re-positioning my car one time too many.  Have I ever told you about my 7 Lettered Diagnosis?
I did not even see the officer’s car until it was pulling right up beside me.  We exchanged pleasantries and when he asked what I was doing parked here I had already managed to slyly reach for my Spanish text book.  On cue, I was able to lift it up as I explained I was just waiting on my friend to get off of work and meet me to look at this neighborhood as he was looking to buy a new condo.  I followed up with a wave of my textbook and saying that I was studying my Spanish Preterites.  I was very proud in that moment considering how especially poor I was doing in Spanish at the time.  I am rather lucky he did not want to know what a Preterite was because I would have been dead to rights.  All around pride for me!

This was very quick thinking because indeed there was still much construction going on in this community and that is why the gate was left open for me to drive in.  Perfectly plausible.  My partner really was getting off work to take over the case so I wasn’t really lying to the officer.  Apparently that is something that is frowned upon.  At any rate, one of the first rules as an investigator is to NOT let anyone know that you are on a case if you can help it or else your cover is blown.  No matter if it is the police or not.  I am fortunate that he simply asked me to wait at the corner gas station and did not press for more information.  Otherwise, I would have had to come clean and then I would have missed my return trip for this case where I got to wear a hidden camera on my jacket. Fun!

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