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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just why would my mother kiss that man?

Recently on a certain friend's status update on a social site, he had solicited responses about the moral ramifications of the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"

After looking over some of the responses, I was simply destroyed to see someone claim that Mommy was really just kissing her husband and that the beloved Santa Claus was simply the father dressed up.  I had to respond to the girl name Katie that made such an outlandish proclamation.  So, after I pulled myself together and gathered the strength:

"I spent most of last night crying, thank you.  I called Mom and later I even called Dad.  They called me back again and again.  We spoke more today than in a long time. I am strong enough now to write about this...

They both have assured me that this "Katie" person is a liar...a LIAR!!! There are mean people in this world that just want to confuse or hurt people.  My parents divorced decades ago and they both love me and I get two Christmases every year.  I knew Daddy was in no way Santa Claus and I don't know why little girls like Katie have to say such things to kids like me. 

Besides, my parents lived in two different states and if Daddy was Santa Clause then how could he get to my house with Mommy so quick and then back to his?

He COULDN'T Mean Katie! That is the point!

Well, unless suddenly Daddy had a magical sleigh or someth--- 

I have to go call Mommy back. My head hurts.

In hindsight, I realize that I was drunk and possibly under the influence of more than just alcohol when writing that bit of scathing retort. 

The question originally raised is valid.  Despite the innocent and playfulness behind that song, I wonder if that songwriter was scarred for the remainder of his days with the knowledge that his mother would actually cheat with an older man that was loaded with gifts.  It is not surprising though as I see some ladies behave this way often.  But a fat stalker that has a naughty obsession?  Disturbing to some degree. But in fact, I have met enough MILF's in the past few years to lead me to make some changes.

I have been gaining weight and put together the white beard.
Now when I find the red suit. I will be in business.

Of course, I have had a few drinks tonight and yes, I AM petting my reindeer right now.
Why would you ask?

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