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Monday, September 28, 2009

Think about it this way...

You got your hand to play; they got their hand to play.  Perhaps you got a crappy hand with only a nine high.  It isn't their fault if they were dealt a straight flush.  Also, it really has NOTHING to do with you in regards to what they were dealt.  Don't ask government to make it fair or suggest others apparently give back some of their high cards.  Jealousy is ugly. 

Maybe Someone or Something (bigger than all of us) WANTS you to play your hand just the way it was dealt for better rewards.  We each have our own journey and lessons to take away from our time on Earth.  Don't blame others and ask the government to take from others.  Learn to play your hand. Bluff!  Be shrewd!  Earn your victory!  Don't ask those that have the power to help you cheat.  What your endgame or payout might be is between you and your God.  What others HAVE may not seem fair.  What you DO NOT HAVE may not seem like what you deserve....but friend, deserve ain't got nothing to do with it.

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JessiCat said...

Very well said. People who think that life owes them something kill me. I have known (hey! I even married one!) plenty of them. Life owes nobody. We have to provide for ourselves and our own family. Nobody else.