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Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Thanksgiving Day saunter

My original intentions today were to sit down and to write a long essay of all of the things wonderful about this day and perhaps rattle off a list of things that I am thankful for.

But really, I just think that I'll do a quick "thanks" to all of you for your support this past year. I have encountered a lot of kindness from so many people that I would never have expected.

Some that I assumed would never speak to me again have come out of the woodwork. You are wonderful…and with no termite damage at all….

One year ago, if anyone had told me that I would be here in this situation…. well… actually I would not have been that surprised. Of course, I may not have been able to call it happening like this, but I am still not surprised.

Let's take an overview:

I returned to Kennesaw as a base of operations among family and friends…
A hot little happening place outside of a hot big happening place
(you just have to wade through the thick barrier of traffic, smog, and road rage)

I re-started my academic career…
Writing and Philosophy were things already present in my life, so why not have some formal training, eh?

I cracked into Stand-up comedy…
Joined with above academic pursuits, who knows who how this will shape my new careerI've started freelancing as a private investigator…oh an odd freakin' way to make money on the side…but studying during a stake-out is a clever use of time…

I have retired from Radio…
Let's be honest here. I unfortunately left radio years ago and foolishly happened into sales instead of focusing on my own on-air career

I am taking a stab at Improv Comedy…
Damn….not as easy as it sounds… but then again, I have always been overly self-critical And somehow I am now trusted to be a "manny" and the voice of reason for a ten year old little girl, a fourteen year old boy, and a nineteen year old… and yet people are always nervous when I get into a room full of twenty-one year old girls….. oh yeah…they should be…

I am now eight days away from being completely debt-free and having a bank full of cash chapter closes and life now on my least there is that…

Most importantly, I have built a long list of friends- some of which I never thought would be in my world again. And some that I never thought would grow into genuinely nice people to have on my side in this life

No man is a failure that has friends

So yeah
Between the friends, the comedy, the cigars, the scotch, and the hookers, I have got a sitcom, a book, and a stand-up routine all right here that I dwell in on a daily basis.

Thanks for those of you that have laughed with me, drank with me, sexed with me, and learned from me and taught me…

Hey, I love you all so much that I want to take you behind the middle school and get you pregnant….

(yep chris wrote another long one after all… what a freakin' puss)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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