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Saturday, September 15, 2007

New England Tapriots.. Pat, I would like to buy an asterisk please


I always knew Tom Brady was over-rated

But hooks, lines, and sinkers were always passed around in America for this goofball that simply drives a well-oiled machine that any above-average quarterback would have been able to manage over the last five years

It turns out there is a little ugliness to the Mr. Genius that has for all of these years fooled everyone into thinking "Brady is a god" (thanks Sports Illustrated for that untimely ascension in title for pretty boy in that magazine issue that was published the VERY DAY of this thing blowing up and also from which you will never be able to remove the egg off of your face)

So, here is an old proverb... probably not... I often lie...
"cheaters never prosper"(except for the three Super Bowls that they "won")

And yes, I do realize that for writing this tirade, my just rewards will be having the Steelers lose to the Tapriots in December... and the Tapriots will probably win the damned Super Bowl again just to rub it into the country that they are THAT-DAMNED-GOOD....... I loathe them..... probably because they beat the Steelers twice on the way to those Super Bowls and most assuredly cheated against Pittsburgh as well....and they did it IN Pittsburgh too! I mean of all the teams in the league where you need some help picking up defense.... ugh... they HAD to cheat to beat the Steelers.... it's so obvious(?).... the c*%k knockers...

So yeah... I am feeling good about running with the total assumption that the New England Tapriots stole some AFC Championships from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Bill Cowher
I am a child in a there...

Enjoy my Nanna and my Nanna, along with not one, but two Boo s

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