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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have nothing magnificent to write. I am just setting things up for my daily writes...
Nice day in the A-T-L

Did the Fantasy Football draft this morning for the league of which I am the commissioner. It went well. It is called D-BASS. That is the name of the league and do not fool yourself into thinking that it is some sort of hip name. D-BASS simply stands for "don't be a shitty shit talker" when it comes to smack talk amongst the teams. That one is Monica's. She gets credit for that bit of HA.

So, yeah. Football is close. Cool weather soon...I especially hope that this is true since it seems now that my AC has gone bye bye on the car. I do not feel like getting it checked out or fixed. That will probably change mid-day tomorrow on or near campus.

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